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I am Earl Davids, well known through out the industry that I work in -  Marketing and Branding, a saturated market where every school leaver or free thinker thinks that they are able to design a logo and the company will survive. In order for the brand created to be sustainable,   it is imperative that a full extensive market strategy is devised and implemented.

I have accumulated 15 years of experience throughout being self taught and my knowledge  gained. My experiences over the past 15yrs have brought me a number of successful projects, such as the Total Evolution Project, BRICS Summit Website, Immaculate Heart Gifts & Media, Crisp Kitchen, Branding for Eldorado Park including a web portal, E’skhaleni 8 - 10 For Dj Cleo, Branding a celebrity such as Thato Molamu (Generations, umlilo and Greed and Desire Actor),

in 2009 my business plan for an IT/Design Company was placed 3rd Internationally with the Sir Richard Branson Business School.

My success grows as my clients grow and I firmly that by assisting clients in giving a brand identity and marketing strategy that works, making the process of branding successful.

in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, i managed to secure printing machinery of which i am able to offer clients a full design to print solution. This is key when doing marketing and branding and cutting out the middle man so that clients are able to benefit from a much more affordable price range than that of a normal graphic developer who has to outsource the printing services.
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